Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Digital Chant Stand v4.0 now available!

A Digital Chant Stand update is now available in the App Store!

- Now supports iPhone and iPod touch

- Can now filter Services Calendar by Text & Music or PDF and Language
- "Text & Music" Media list now only shows appropriate assets (based on whether service is Greek, English or Greek/English)
- Added "Text & Music" Media options to display audio, Byzantine and Western in list and show/hide in service
- Can now increase/decrease "Text & Music" service text size
- Can now immediately jump to previous/next cached score by scrolling beyond first/last page of current score
- Improved offline caching logic

- Moved from "Subscription" to "Patronage" model, making it completely optional; all functionality is now available to everyone regardless
- Added 3- and 12- month options